• Office Block Design Concept

    Is a 4 ½ stories high building with the total functioning area of 288 square meters. It is located up front of the project, on Ramintra Road and the BTS Pink Line (a future project, estimated to be completed in 2558-2560)

    Office Block is designed in to twin buildings with a front width of 5.50 meters each unit. The ground floor is designed in to a showroom with a 2.50 meters width garden aside, and allows 2-4 cars to park in the parking lot.

    The mezzanine and the second floor are designed to be an office with a large, comfortable functioning area.

    The third and the fourth floor are designed in to a pent-house style with a big bedroom and full filing area of living room so that it is comfortable both in working and living. It will also allow your customers that has dropped by to visit your showroom or to contact your business to travel around comfortable by either the BTS or private cars.

    The building is permitted in the Commercial Building Category which allow to running wide range of business lines such as Coffee Shop, Grocery, Beauty Salon and etc.