• Town House Design Concept
    Is a project in the area that is adjacent to the Ratchada-Ramintra road. It is a building with 3 floors and is surrounded by gardens while the entrance to the project is designed to be a boulevard road with 4 lanes and 3 meter wide of each side of foot path with wide range of street island which allows us to plant 3 rows of big trees while the middle row of island will be planted with a shady Jamjuree trees. On the other hand, the sidewalk will be planted with flowing plants, which will make the boulevard road colorful, giving the blossoming essence of spring all along the way.
    All the electricity post in the Soi is put underground, allowing big trees to be planted in front of each household. The entrance is remotely controlled, allowing only residents of each house to enter. The security system of each household also includes code-locked keys, motion detected anti-theft system, and intercoms for visitors. Electricity meter, post, and garbage bin are all located outside the project to protect intruders. This is all to allow your children to paly around in the garden safely from harm of intruders.
    The building is designed to have a beautiful surrounding area with a big garden located at the back of the house, separating each house 12-14 meters apart. The garden will be planted with big trees by the project itself, creating beautiful, shady areas with low cost.
    The parking lot is located beneath the dining area, while the living room that opens the entire view of the garden and allows air to flow in all day will be visible as soon as you enter the hall.
    The kitchen and dining area are located on the mezzanine, which allows the view of the two gardens in the back and in front and air to flow in while the parking lot is invisible from sight.
    The second floor is designed to have 2 bedrooms that are next to the front and the back garden while the third floor is designed to be a pent-house style bedroom with an open courtyard.
    Every building has a ventilator that receives air from the garden through the stairs and out through the third floor or the roof along with Sky Light which receives natural light to the house.