Established on August 1, 2010

Established on August 1, 2010. The company is created under the motto "Asset of Life" and has been engaging in the real estate development and constructions businesses. 


Launched the sale of condominium units in 2 different condominum projects

Launched the sale of condominium units in 2 different condominum locations,

Grand Opening of Siamese Gioia on January 30, 2011, the project contains 2 buildings 168 units with 928 MB project value.

Grand Opening of Siamese Thirty Nine on November 26, 2011, the project eatimated value is 595 MB that contains 87 units. 


Grand Opening of condominium and Townhome Projects

Launched a residential condominium and office building project namely Siamese Ratchakru. The project worth approxiamately 1,068 MB, divided into two connected buildings, residence and office block, with 282 units in total.

The Siamese Blossom @Fashion Plot B (Townhome) worth over 209 million baht, which consists of a three storey building for 40 apartments.


Launched Condominiums, Townhome, and Townhouse Projects

Townhome and Townhouse Projects

- January 12, 2013, Grand Opening Phase 1 of Siamese Blossom at Fashion Plot C (Townhouse) from rows 8-23, the 3 storey townhouse project building consists 120 rooms for 26 rows. The project worth over 569 MB.

- April 20, 2013, Grand Opening of Siamese Blossom at Fashion Plot B (Shophouse), the project's worth over 68 MB consists of three storey buildings 8th floor (1 row).

Condominium Project

- August 25, 2013, Grand Opening of 214 unit condominium project, Siamese Nang Linchee consists of two buildings with an estimated value of 992 MB.

- September 14, 2013,  Grand Opening of Siamese Surawong, 20-storey building comprising 209 units, with an estimated value of 1,521 MB.


Launched Siamese Blossom @Fashion Plot A (Office Block)

- Grand Opening of Siamese District (Office Block) worth 330 MB.  


Launched 3 Condominium Projects

- Grand Opening of Siamese Blossom Condo at Fashion on June 13, 2015, the project's worth over 733 MB consists of 22 storey building with 326 units.

- Grand Opening of Siamese Exclusive, the most elegance yet luxurious development with 193 units that worth 2,600 MB, on August 8, 2015.

- Grand Opening of Siamese Blossom Condo at Sathorn-Charoenrat on November 28, 2015. The project contains 899 units with 5 buildings that worth 2,586 MB


Registration capital increased to 830 MB.

-Siamese Sukhumvit project value 2,351 MB.(358 units)

-Best Boutique Developer-Thailand Property Awards 2016

-Best Boutique Developer-Thailand - South East Asia Property Awards 2016

-People's Choice Awards 2016-www.thinkofliving.com


Registration capital increased to 880 MB.

-Siamese Exclusive Queens project value 3,000 MB.(332 units)

-Blossom Condo@Fashion Beyond project value 906 MB.(453 units)

-Siamese Exclusive Sukhumvit 42 project value 3,040 MB.(449 units)

-Siamese KIN project value 983 MB.(107 units)