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SIAMESE KIN | Quality area for positive living

For the first time ever, SIAMESE ASSET cooperates with SEKISUI CHEMICAL, Japan's No.1 home constructor, to bring you SIAMESE KIN, the innovative house that understands life in every aspects. With its cutting- edge technology and manufacturing standards from SCG HEIM, you can be assured that every details are uplift for your quality of life.

Live Life Meaningfully
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Modular & Steel Coating

Siamese KIN proudly introduces you to our Modular system. Each of units are built with high quality steel known as SS400, the same grade used in high tower building. With its capability of absorbing the vibration from any earthquakes up to 350 Gal and JIS standards guaranteed, every family can rest assured for their safety.

*Gal is the rapid rate of ground vibration (centimeter/second 2), 350 Gal can be calculated from 7 richter of earthquake with a distance from center of 200 kilometers according to the company's warranty. (However, the rapid rate is due to the soil layers and rock layers including the form of earthquake.)

Steel Coating
ZAM, chemical coating for preventing rust that stands out from Galvanize, the ordinary coating. In case of scratches on iron surface, ZAM will create the armor by reacting with the air for protecting inner parts of the iron to extend the lifespan of the product for up to 140 years.

Air Factory System

Air circulation system with 3 layers of filter which reduce the external odor in order to purify the air and circulate the house with oxygen. Therefore, the air of the house are purified with less risk to allergic conditions such as dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi. Meanwhile, the Heat Exchanger will always ventilate the internal air out to frenshen up the air inside. This is why SIAMESE KIN inhabitants of all ages will live the healthiest life imaginable.

Air Tightness System

The very unique assembling system that encloses every joint of the house including doors, windows and even the wall system with high quality Seal. Since the house are free from noises and turbulences outside, your sense of privacy will be more secure than ever.

Thermal&Sound Insulated System

2 layers of external wall system that comes with heat insulation sized 10 centimeters located between the wall. It can prevent the heat and reduce the noise outside.

Smart Home

Solar Cell System
The exchanges system form solar energy to alternative energy and support the house electricity. Not only you living an environmentally friendly life can save your electric bills for it as well.

Home Automation
Live life more comfortably with intelligent system that connects with every electric appliances to work automatically.

SIAMESE KIN | Project Infomation


Project Area
A No. of Units

Ratchada-Ramintra road, Kannayao sub-district, Kannayao sub-district,Kannayao district,Bangkok 10230
17-3-23.96 Rai
107 Units


As the beginning of potential living, SIAMESE KIN located in the heart of Ramintra road that is surrounded by every kinds of conveniences. With every main roads connected including pink line mass transit system and department stores such as Fashion Island and The Promenade, your ways of living can never be the same.

*All details are subjected to change without prior notice, the pictures contained on this website are both actual images and simulated images.